28 January 2011

There's an app for that

I said it earlier, technology can be amazing.  Last year, I noticed a lot of people carrying more sophisticated hardward during the run.  Some have these high tech GPS watches that will give you your pace time, location, calories burned, and where you are in relation to other runners of your class (probably even tells you what you had for breakfast).  Some will carry their iPhones (too much weight for me to lug 13.1).  There is even an app for those who really want to see where they are on the course.  

I am a bit more old fashioned.  I prefer to stick with my old Timex Ironman to tell me my lap times.  I did break down two years ago and finally got an iPod Nano just to jam to some tunes while sweating with the masses.    

Almost game time.  The Finish Line just went up yesterday.  Come Sunday morning, this place will be packed. 

The end is near


terri said...

But... if you're running ON the course, don't you know where you are ON the course? Do you really need an app to tell you where you are? Ummm... "you are here!"

:-) Have fun. Run fast. You'll do great!

Abby said...

Oooh, countdown!

I'm with you. I prefer to travel light while running. Plus, all that gadgetry takes the fun out of it. You don't see kids frolicking around while checking a GPS.... then again, it might have helped me in that last race where I took a wrong turn.

Have fun tomorrow!