27 September 2014

No good deed....

And the mascot debate continues.  Some factions are pushing for a mutt, some are going for a rescue.  I am all for change (well, certain changes) and much as I think it would be cool to have a rescue mutt, realistically there are too many that feel that a Collie is the symbol of our school.  Besides, we are sorta known for our Traditions.             

In the interim, it is amusing to see the debate pan out on the intraweb for other possible mascots to consider: 

Kyle Field Prairie Dog
12 Manatee
Kyle Field Mouse
E. King Gila Monster

Speaking of Reveille, the ESPN video of her handler blocking out the player has gone viral down here.  The sophomore (Ryan Kreider) has gotten a number of interviews and attention from his simple, instinctive reaction.  Good kid, nice block, seems genuinely embarrassed over all of the attention this has garnered.  Just to show you how much that one selfless act meant to a few others, the Commandant of the Corps (Brig. Gen. Joe E. Ramirez) offered to buy Ryan's senior boots.  Not too shabby of a gift considering they cost somewhere near $1600 these days (back in my day, they ran close to $600).  I  even read that some anonymous Aggie has offered to pay for his ring.  Despite all the attention Ryan still appears humble and doesn't feel he deserved all this attention for "just doing my job".  Of course, Ms Reveille, being the Queen she is, was pretty indifferent to all of the hullabaloo.

22 September 2014

Tail Wagging the Dog

Sorry guys for not posting more or keeping up with everyone's blogs.  I've been buried at work and just haven't had the energy to keep up with everyone's shenanigans much less come up with some witty and inspiring blog post.  That's why I fall back to my dogs - they don't care how late you come home or what mood you are in.  They are just happy to greet you at the door with a lick and a wag no matter what time it is.  I promise to play catch up this week.  

I had a post half written about all the work stress I've got right now, but I felt that was just too whiny so I'm not going to bore you with any of that narcissistic crap.

Instead, I will engage/entertain you with the ongoing debate that has arisen down here about a dog.   
As some of you might have gleaned from my postings, I went to a certain university down here that is fairly well known in Texas.  We are kinda known for certain characteristics, flair, and an over-the-top spirit that permeates the campus.  Football is one of our passions (yes, Abby, we seem to have put together a football team despite someone moving off to the big leagues) and the weekend football games can get be epic events.  My school is known for traditions.  One of which is our school mascot.  A lot of universities are known for their mascots and some are based upon animals (Baylor Bears, SMU Mustangs, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, Rice Owls, Oregon Ducks, Colorado State Bison, and even a Texas Longhorn).  My school is no different - we have a mascot that speaks to our traditions and spirit.  We have a purebred Collie that is named Reveille.  She is a regular fixture on campus, attending every game, going to class with the students and generally enjoying the attention and perks that come with being the highest ranking cadet on campus and nicknamed the First Lady of A&M.  The current Reveille on campus is the 8th in the line to bear that name.  

While Reveille is generally known as a Collie, she has not always been that breed.  Just to give you some small background, here are some excerpts from the traditions website:     

Reveille I came to Texas A&M in January 1931. A group of cadets hit a small black and white dog on their way back from Navasota. They picked up the dog and brought her back to school so they could care for her. The next morning, when "Reveille" was blown by a bugler, she started barking. She was named after this morning wakeup call. The following football season she was named the official mascot when she led the band onto the field during their half-time performance. When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field. She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.

Reveille I
Reveille II was not a Collie either, but a Shetland Sheepdog donated to the University in 1952 by Arthur Weinert, Class of 1900. She was originally cared for by committee by the Aggie Band for a couple of years before a cadet found her wandering around campus in 1954 and began the tradition of taking her everywhere he went. Reveille II had a rebellious streak, as well. 

It wasn't until 1966 that a purebred Collie was selected to serve as Reveille III, and details on the decision are not well-documented. However, like many traditions, it probably began largely by coincidence.

Today, Reveille is considered a member of the corps of cadets and attends every game as well as classes with her handler (a sophomore student from the outfit in charge of her care).  Tradition has it that, if Reveille barks during class, the class is let out.  Just to give you an idea on how well Reveille is being cared for comes from the football game this past weekend.  Needless to say, the ESPN clip garnered a lot of attention to the cadet who was just doing his job (his words).   


This comes on top of the news of last week that they are planning to retire Rev VIII after this year.  I dimly recall when they retired #7 a few years back and #8 was selected.  
Reveille VII & VIII
This has spurred some heated debate over what Reveille IX should be.  As we had during the last selection process, a number of people have voice the opinion that we should go for a rescue dog instead of one from a breeder.  There are some who argue to go back to a rescue mutt as with the first Reveille.  The ensuing debate is getting interesting.  I am on the fence.  I am all for keeping with  tradition, but as one who has adopted two incredible rescue mutts, I can definitely see the benefit of going with a rescue.

14 September 2014

Moon treats

Moon treats (dog treats)
  • 1 Cup Natural Peanut Butter
  • 3/4 Cup skim milk
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1 T Baking Powder
  • 1/3 Cup Oats
  • 2-3 Pieces Bacon (Chopped)
  Preheat Oven to 325 degrees
  Line Baking Sheet with Parchment Paper
  Bake 18-20 minutes, flip treats and bake 10-12 minutes 

Been uber busy (yeah, like I haven't used that excuse before).  Really, I've been swamped at work trying to recruit/hire two buyers, dealing with the FDA, working with our Chinese supplier to fix a major problem to support a project launch, and just generally trying to keep the bus between the ditches.  

Was able to pull off a road trip to College Station last weekend for the first home game of football in our refurbished stadium.  Nice trip if not a bit of weather drama included.  The dogs enjoyed the trip, change of pace.  

Today was our annual Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue picnic.  Weather was pretty good, if not a bit cooler/cloudy.  Still pretty impressive to me to see ~150 Goldens all in one spot at one time.  No fights, no drama, nobody left the picnic hungry.  Lots of fun and neat prizes and treats.  I think my two kids wore themselves out.  Claire did her typical mooching for attention from every person there while Grayson was running around like a kid on the playground. 

From the way the kids are passed out right now, I would assume they had a blast.  

Of course, there is always the obligatory selfie....