31 July 2016

Hello from the other side

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But I ain't done much healing

Sorry for the prolonged absence.  Things got busy, I got sidetracked, work escalated and I kinda wandered off the grid for a while.  All lame excuses.  I am not really sure what happened, but my muse left me and basically I put my blog life on hold for a while.  I even stopped visiting everyone's blogs.  Sorry about that, guys.    

It's been busy over the past few months.  Birthdays, anniversaries, road trips, dog park, camping, floods, Pate, reorgs at the office and the ensuing changes, trailer repair, etc.    

Mrs Agg is doing well.  She's been busy trying to wade through all of the legal morass that comes with settling an estate and closing things out.  We continue to clear out her parents/sister's home and getting rid of a lot of stuff accumulated over a lifetime is hard, sad.  Still looking for homes for a few of SIL's feline children.  It's coming up on a year since SIL passed and there is no real rush to wrap this up.  The house is only 20 minute away and, honestly, I am not pushing anything.  This is her family home and she can take as much time as necessary to find closure.  Right now, it is finding homes for the cats.  I know that, when the times comes to sell the house, it will be a hard break for her.      

Grayson is doing well.  He still misses Claire but we've tried to make up for it with extra attention/treats.  I've made it a point to hit the dog park a few times to let him socialize.  I've also been out with our foster group for a few weekend adventures.  Back in April, we did the Doggy Party on the Plaza again.  Very nice dog-centric event sponsored by the city. In keeping with current trends, this year's theme was Star Wars.  Needless to say, there were a lot of interesting costumes and more than a few wookies & yodas around.  Our group, always on the left side of fanatic, had a lot of furry participants decked out in bandoleers or yoda ears.  And our resident carpenter outdid himself again with our "float".  Needless to say, our group came away with the trophy again this year.   


Last weekend it was the Annual Dog show at NRG stadium.  Grayson and I had a fun time albeit a bit melancholy since Claire wasn't with us this year.  Lots of dogs and doggy stuff.          
Dog cam
Loving the attention
Grayson & Emma working the crowd

Attention ham
We roamed the hall and got to tour all of the booths and free samples, although I don't think Grayson was as interested in doggy shirts and leashes or pet psychics.  I did manage to get Grayson to still still for a pawprint that turned out to be pretty good art.  There was group doing the pawprints for donations (big basket in the picture) and we talked people doing the pawprints to do the same gig at our annual picnic in October.  I wound up winning the drawing for the basket and the $$ that was donated and I turned the money over to my group and may give the basket up as an auction item at the picnic.      

Grayson & Emma

Picasso would be jealous

There may be another fur buddy for Grayson at some point in the future but, for now, we need to deal with the excess feline population. 

And I promise I wont' take as long for my next update....