27 September 2014

No good deed....

And the mascot debate continues.  Some factions are pushing for a mutt, some are going for a rescue.  I am all for change (well, certain changes) and much as I think it would be cool to have a rescue mutt, realistically there are too many that feel that a Collie is the symbol of our school.  Besides, we are sorta known for our Traditions.             

In the interim, it is amusing to see the debate pan out on the intraweb for other possible mascots to consider: 

Kyle Field Prairie Dog
12 Manatee
Kyle Field Mouse
E. King Gila Monster

Speaking of Reveille, the ESPN video of her handler blocking out the player has gone viral down here.  The sophomore (Ryan Kreider) has gotten a number of interviews and attention from his simple, instinctive reaction.  Good kid, nice block, seems genuinely embarrassed over all of the attention this has garnered.  Just to show you how much that one selfless act meant to a few others, the Commandant of the Corps (Brig. Gen. Joe E. Ramirez) offered to buy Ryan's senior boots.  Not too shabby of a gift considering they cost somewhere near $1600 these days (back in my day, they ran close to $600).  I  even read that some anonymous Aggie has offered to pay for his ring.  Despite all the attention Ryan still appears humble and doesn't feel he deserved all this attention for "just doing my job".  Of course, Ms Reveille, being the Queen she is, was pretty indifferent to all of the hullabaloo.


Abby said...

I'm torn between the manatee the gila monster!

I'm glad that Ryan is getting all that recognition. It's nice to see people go viral over a good deed.

lotta joy said...

Poor Kyle the Humpback Field Mouse doesn't stand a chance.

ShadowRun300 said...

Abby's right. It's nice to see a good deed go viral.
Some cute ideas for a new mascot, but it's probably best to keep the collie, considering the tradition and all. Perhaps there are some stray collies that need adopting?

agg79 said...

Abby - After all the narcissistic glory hogs out there, it is nice to see humility being rewarded. This is what I truly look towards in my school as character building.

Lotta - you never know what the Field Mouse brings to the table.

SR300 - I would hope for a rescue or stray Collie, but, honestly, what sane dog would put up with the hoopla that goes along with being Queen of Aggieland? I would hope that they find a dog that enjoys the attention (Golden Retrievers love attention, guys) and can put up with the attention and lifestyle of being the first lady of A&M.

Riot Kitty said...

I think all of those would be pretty neat. But would you have to bring a kiddie pool for the manatee? :)

terri said...

Why mess with a good tradition. I'm a lover of all dogs (almost) but I say stick with the Collie!

Rock Chef said...

Stick with the collie - or maybe Claire could cover for him if he has had enough? I am sure she would enjoy it all!