17 October 2014

Seeking motivation

Yes, I am still here but, honestly, I've been lacking serious motivation of late. Things are still pretty chaotic down here.  Earlier I may have mentioned I felt like I've been juggling chainsaws.  Now I am juggling chainsaws, while riding a unicycle and trying to give a cat a bath.  

Not meaning to neglect my duties, but I've actually started a few posts recently but I abandoned them  because I thought they were turning into a regular pity party and that just ain't my style. 

So, in the interim, I thought I would share a few shots of the children suffering through their neglect of late.      


terri said...

Makes me feel so much better to know that other people's fur kids totally think they own the living room furniture too! I've given up on vacuuming and sticky-rollering my furniture. It's all just covered up now in towels and old bed comforters so that Lucy can be comfortable and I can just toss the stuff in the washer to clean up the fur she sheds!

Sorry to hear things are still so crazy. I know your life has been overwhelming for most of the year and I was hoping you'd be able to catch a break soon. Hang in there!

ShadowRun300 said...

How dare you let them suffer like that? ;)
Thanks for taking a break from juggling chainsaws, and riding a unicycle, and bathing the cat to let us know you're ok. Hopefully things will slow down for you soon. I'm hoping for the same thing myself. But then I'd probably complain about being bored....