02 January 2011

Happy 2011!

Ok, a day late, but figured a lot of people were hungover from too many parties or too much football.  Low key/quiet celebration for us this year.  Just momma and me and the dogs.  Stay up late, drink some wine/scotch to usher in the New Year, go outside and listed to all the fireworks/commotion.
  • Side notes: 
    • Golden Retrievers tend to be thunderphobic.  Fireworks are just an extension of thunder.  Grayson was cool, Claire was not happy but they both did well as long as we stayed indoors (and behind the couch).  
    • In our part of town, there is the occasional idiot/jackass who thinks that celebrating the new year by shooting off their firearms is a good idea.  Friday night I was outside listening to the barrage of fireworks being shot off (illegal in the city limits) and there were several that too measured for my tastes 
New Years traditions - not sure what everyone else does to celebrate (aside of drinking and making resolutions).  Even though we were not with my folks for the rally this year, we had our traditional round of blackeyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck/prosperity.  Spent yesterday trying to recover from the holidays/celebrating.  Went to a movie (Tron Legacy), took down the Christmas Tree, pulled down the outside decorations, watched a few football games, took the children to the dog park.  Even though it is in the low 50s, the blond still likes to lay in the pond. 

Getting geared up to head back to work tomorrow, even though it will be a short week for me.  Off to California for another supplier audit.  Just hope the rain and wind have let up to not mess up the flight.  After last week's weather delays, I am not anxious to be sitting in the airport or on the runway for any longer than we have to. 

Holidays are over, time to hit the ground running. 


terri said...

You are the second blogger to mention eating black-eyed peas for good luck. Must be a southern thing. We have no such traditions here in the north, at least in my family. Maybe I should start some traditions so my kids have something by which to remember these days.

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy New Year, Agg!