21 January 2011


As a part time runner, I've always liked that term. 
Homestretch.  According to Webster's, it is that part of the track between the final turn and the finish line.  The end is in sight.  My favorite part of a run.  Sweating like a horse, heart rate up, legs tired, knee complaining, but somehow, the site of the finish line seems to spur me on for one final sprint to the end.  That last burst of adrenalin that pushes you across the line.  If you ever look at finish line photos, a lot of people (like me) look ragged/beat.  Some people are able to cross the finish line looking like a model, not me.  But, Lord knows, I'm not in it for the looks.  At the end, mixed in with feeling tired/sore is the feeling of accomplishment.  Another milestone achieved, another challenge overcome, another obstacle conquered.

But I tend to ramble on.  It is with mixed emotions that I read my son's facebook page the other night.  Yes, we do try to keep up with our little offspring via various means.  He has granted us permission to a small peek at his life.  He friended us on facebook and we can see some of his activities.  I still maintain a very low profile on facebook.  Rarely do I make a comment.  My wife, however, has come out of her shell on facebook and has a regular commenter on a lot of friends' pages (Including her son's).  To me, having your mom or dad make comments on your facebook page is tantamount to having one of your parental units drive you to school as a senior (or be a chaperon for the prom).  

My son is an infrequent poster on facebook, but he does, on occasion, add some comments about what he is working on or where they have been or what show he was watching.  What got my attention this week was his short post that basically said:  "Last first day of school".  Very prophetic.  After 4.5 years of college, the end is in sight.  Just  as with a race, I have a mixed set of emotions on this.  Pride, melancholy, relief (no more tuition payments!!!), sadness (he is about to embark upon the world).


Rock Chef said...

My daughter has friended me on FB, but I never comment. I suspect that doing so would see me rapidly "defriended" :-)

Congrats to your son on nearing the end! Sounds like he has been on a long haul, but these things are worth it.

terri said...

I completely understand the mixed emotions. Sometimes we'd like to freeze everything in time, so much that the end of one of life's journeys feels a little sad. But he'll be moving on to new adventures and you're sure to enjoy those every bit as much, if not more.

Abby said...

Homestretch is the BEST!

Just remember, every ending is a new beginning.

My older two are on facebook and I'm their "friend", but I never comment - I think that would be social infanticide.

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw, I would have very mixed feelings too if I knew my son was graduating college and going out into the Real World.

I am VERY active on Facebook and, so is my 14 year old son - but I would NEVER leave a comment on his wall! For shame!