11 January 2011

Ghost of Christmas Recent Past

Cue the spooky music (ooh-eooh-eoh).

Sunday was a cold, wet blustery day. Dogs woke me up at 0430 this morning (thanks, Grayson) by pacing and acting nervous. Got up and let both the mutts out in the back yard to find the front arrived this morning. Cold & windy & wet. Since I was up anyway, I figured to take them out for a walk even though it was still waaay to early for my tastes. Good call, tho. Right after we got back from a short walk, the heavens opened up. Lots of lightning and thunder (ergo Grayson’s state of panic). Remember, some dogs don’t like thunder & lightning and Goldens are especially prone to panic attacks. Claire, on the other hand was a real trooper. She just buried her head behind the couch and kept quiet.

Anyhow, storm blew through town making a general mess of things. Guess I will have to wait until next weekend to rake the rest of the leaves out of the yard. Went over to my parents to give my dad his Christmas gift (the one I gave on Christmas day did not fit his cell phone and I had to go all over town to find the right model) and I chewed the fat with them for a while. Then came back to do some grocery shopping so that my bride can spend time with her mother. Had just enough daylight left to put the groceries away and take the dogs for a walk.
 Settled down to catch up on my reports at the office while watching the Green Bay vs Eagles game, when I heard some music coming from the other room. A definite music box song was playing. First I thought it was the TV but, for the life of me, I could not figure out what commercial was playing during a football game that would have a music box in the background. As the music continued, I had to investigate. Not coming from the TV, hmm. What’s the deal? Maybe my wife had programmed my phone to ring this new tune? No. As I investigated the source, I tracked it down to our wall unit that houses many trinkets (aka knick knacks) and various collectibles. I finally found the source as a Hummel Nativity Scene music box that was playing. Way back in the 80s when we were stationed in Germany, the wife started collecting Hummels and, over the short span of 5 years, amassed a nice collection. The Nativity Scene was one we got from some town in our travels and it will play Silent Night when wound up. Nice tune, hand crafted piece, probably a rare figurine.

The problem I have is that, back before Christmas, I was setting out decorations and trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I found the music box and wound it up, but, alas, no music. Tried to “bump start” it, but no luck. Figured the mechanism was old and dusty and would require some TLC to get operational, so I stuck it back on the shelf and promptly forgot about it. That is, until Sunday night. Now, for some reason, 3+ weeks later, it comes to life…


Rock Chef said...

I have seen things like that just start playing for no real reason. Maybe the temperature messes with the spring tension or something?

Shame your dogs don't like storms. Custard doesn't notice things like that, but it is too early to tell with Frou Frou.

meleah rebeccah said...

Wow. Your dogs definitely knew the storm was coming. Good thing they woke you up to take a walk - before it hit.

Um, and holy creepy having that music box play all of a sudden after not working at all for weeks. That would have freaked me out. Big time!

terri said...

Rock Chef is being too logical. There was definitely something other-worldly about the music box suddenly coming to life :-)