23 January 2011

One year later

Technology can be wonderful/enlightening.
We can talk with people around the world, we can text our friends and family, we can converse with long lost friends.  You can update your address book on line, keep in touch with distant relatives, even keep track of important dates via the web. 

Today I was reminded (via an e-mail anniversary card from our vet) that today marks one year since Claire joined our clan.  My god, has it been a year already?  It hardly seems that long since I brought this fiesty red head home.   

Life has definitely interesting with four-legged kids around. 

I guess we'll have to keep her now...


terri said...

I remember when you made the decision to keep her. Kind of saw that one coming! Yes, I think she's planning on staying for the long haul. Happy Anniversary!

Rock Chef said...

How could you not keep a cutie like her?

And yes, that year has gone far too quickly!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwww! Happy 1 year anniversary to bringing Claire into your home!

Abby said...

A whole year already! I knew once you brought her home, it would be for the long haul.