29 January 2011

Fingers crossed

Forecast not good.

Weather.com has the chance of rain at 80% now and one station has pegged it at 100%.  Front it moving through the area tonight and expecting rain/thunderstorms.  Hoping it pushes through but expecting to be a wet run.  At least it will be a warm rain (50-60s). 

Reconsidering my plans?  Nope.  I may regret this decision come 0300, but I'm in for the long haul.  Too late to back out now.  Besides, in the 38 year history of the Houston Marathon, it's never been cancelled for weather reasons.  One can only hope for fair skies and calm seas.       

I picked up my race packet this morning.  There is a health expo that runs in conjunction with the race.  Big hoop-te-doo.  Lots of booths selling you everything from energy shots (got mine) to running gear.  Some really great bargains on clothes and gear.  You can get a serious set of running shoes for 1/2 price.  I even spotted some ASICs GEL2150s for around  $60. Good thing I already got my new shoes earlier.  Good opportunity to buy gear and clothes if you are seriously into running.  I am kind of a sucker for these kinds of trade shows.  I like to collect a lot of gimme stuff like shirts, lights, samples.  

Getting organized.  Laid out my uniform, charged up the iPod, stashed away the energy fuel, starting to hydrate.

Time to put the big boy pants on and hit the streets.

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terri said...

I hope the rain holds off for ya. I'll be there on the sidelines in spirit, cheering for you.