14 January 2011


I always try to repay a debt, even when not required.

Almost 3 years back, when I went under the knife for my cancer surgery, I had a lot of support from friends & family. Lots of prayers and well wishes were passed my way when I was recuperating. Humbling to realize how many friends you really have in a crisis.

One totally unexpected gift I got was from our neighbor with whom we share a unique collegiate bond with. Carolyn went to our rival school while her husband Jack went to my alma matter. We met many years back while Stephen was young and our kids grew up together. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2008, Jack also got diagnosed with the same condition. I chose the surgery route while Jack took the “watchful waiting” path. That is where they watch a patient’s condition but not giving treatment unless symptoms appear or change. After several follow up exams and a change in diet and exercise, Jack’s prognosis came up clean. He dodged the bullet (or so it seemed).

But cancer is a heartless bitch and rarely takes no for an answer. Earlier last year, Jack was rediagnosed with prostate cancer and he chose to have the surgery like I did. The difference is that in the interim, the procedure has changed and he took the robotic procedure that is a lot less invasive and doesn’t require you to be opened up like a melon (my procedure). Surgery is fast, recovery is a lot quicker, prognosis is excellent. Jack when under the knife a week ago and he is back home trying to recuperate. Three years ago when I was doing my own recuperating thing, Jack and Carolyn left me a “get well” gift on my doorstep to speed my recovery.  Last night I went over an repaid the gift in kind.

As I reminded Carolyn, no good deed goes unpunished...


terri said...

A perfect get-well gift! I'm sure it is very appreciated. Hope Jack heals up quickly and is back to normal soon.

commoncents said...

Awesome Post!

Love it... keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwww. That's so nice. I certainly hope that Jack heals quickly.

BobG said...

**Thumbs up**