03 January 2011

Back to the rat race

Turn out the lights, the party's over.
  • Tree's down, dismantled, boxed up & back in the attic for another 11 months
  • All the Christmas decorations are piled up on the dining room table to organize & categorize & pack up to store away in the closet
  • Turkey & dressing are long gone (actually, that didn't last much past last weekend)
  • Pulled down the outside lights and started to remove each bulb and pack up for next year (taking time at this point to organize the light sets makes it an easier task in November for reassembly)
  • Pulled in the soldiers from out front
  • The Christmas wreaths are down and boxed up
  • Boxed up the Christmas cards and wrapping paper
  • The last of the eggnog has been consumed
Time to saddle up and head back to work.  Now to prepare for the day ahead.  The first day back from a long break is always interesting.  Lots of holiday stories and reminiscing.  I am only in the office for one day before I head out on the road again.  Now, if I can only remember what my passwords were... 


terri said...

It's hard to leave the holidays behind, but somehow I think that getting back to work and routine makes the transition easier. Besides, imagine how we'd all pack on the pounds if we kept up the holiday festivities! Hope your first day back is a good one!

meleah rebeccah said...

I always feel so 'empty' after the holidays. Everything goes back to looking so plain when all the decorations are taken down.

However, I too, am ready to return to a schedule of sorts.

Good luck going back to work! I'm sure it will take a few days to adjust again!