30 March 2009


There is a local writer (Leon Hale) down here who has written for the Houston Post/Chronicle for many decades. I have followed his columns for many years and one of his more popular themes was an annual trip he and a friend made to go and find spring (he named the journey as Primavera). He and his buddy would load up the pick up truck and head into south Texas to find the first signs of spring. It was always an adventure trying to describe the journey and where they would wind up finding spring. His friend passed away several years ago and he has given up the trek, but many of his readers (I, for one) miss the tale. I had always fancied taking a journey like that myself. I am an explorer of sorts and love the open road. When ever I drive cross country, I am always wondering what lies down those back roads and turn offs.

My oak tree has gone crazy and I have a ton of pollen/leaves in the yard as it has been reborn. The bluebonnets are blooming down here right now in the hill country. We spotted the first signs a few weeks ago when we drove to Austin, but they are just now hitting their stride. I know of many folks who take a day trip to Austin/Hempstead/La Grange just to take pictures of the fields of bluebonnets. The Texas Highway Department even has a program where they deliberately seed the medians & roadside of the highways with bluebonnets every year.

Spring is in the air...


terri said...

I think we have a similar trend here, but instead of bluebonnets, we have dandelions.

I'm ready for spring and warmth and flowers. I hear we're getting some more winter weather first. Freezing rain & snow starting tonight and continuing through tomorrow. Texas is sounding pretty good right about now.

meleah rebeccah said...

" I know of many folks who take a day trip to Austin/Hempstead/La Grange just to take pictures of the fields of bluebonnets."

I would be one of them!

agg79 said...


This is the time of year we really can enjoy the weather/outdoors. Not too hot and not too cold and the mosquitos haven't started to show.


It is really spectacular scenery. I really love the Texas hill country. It has lots of character.

Abby said...

Wow, those pics really do look like spring! The way it should be.

Springtime around here is mud and slush.