25 March 2009

Heeeeeeree's Johnny!

Just got back from a very long and rough flight from Reno. The leg from Reno to Dallas was nothing to complain about but the hop from Dallas to Houston took us 3.5 hours. Original flight was cancelled, we had to run across halfway across DFW to see if there was any room on the next/last flight out at 1700. We caught the last three open seats on the plane. Of course, nothing comes without a price. Storms over Houston forced them to redo the flight plan and we had to go back to the gate for more fuel (that's a comforting thought). Passengers were getting a wee bit testy. We finally pushed back for take off at 1845 and, after some delays on the runway, we lifted off at 1900. I think we were routed almost to New Orleans to avoid the storm. Very rough flight. Ever flown inside of a thunderstorm? Nothing gives me a thrill to look out the window and see lightening all around us. Plane was up & down more than a yo-yo. We finally landed in Houston around 2045 and were glad to be on the ground. Remeber I said earlier how I am not a big fan of these supplier audit trips? This is one of the reasons why.

In spite of this long day, Reno was great. Had fun, saw lots of lights, played some slots (broke even), ate some cheap meals, smoked cigars, drank house whiskey. Great little town. Would like to spend a few more days there.

Will file a trip report later when I get caught up.

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terri said...

No, that flight does NOT sound fun. I don't do rides at amusement parks, much less turbulent flights. Glad you made it back safe and sound.