19 August 2012

Technical difficulties

Been off line for a few days.  We lost the magic Friday night and were unable to access the net since a little while ago.  I did the normal diagnosis, reset the routers, called Comcast, had them reset the router, reclocked passwords, checked settings, checked the cables.  Bupkis.  The friendly, helpful, cheerful cable techy person (Susan) thought it was my router and said I needed a new one.  Not wanting to wait on a service technician come out on Tuesday, I unplugged the box and drove to the Comcast store for a replacement (done this before).  After a 45 minute wait in line (I think they get their service model from the post office), I got a new box that has the WiFi built in.  That means I no longer have to have a separate box for my wireless signal (HooAh!  One less piece of electronics on the desk!).  Brought it home, hooked it up and, drum roll please, still no internet.  At this point, I had to go check my supply of scotch and beer.  I attempted to futz with the set up for an hour or so and finally gave up for the night and sulked off to drown my sorrows in a movie.   I decided to tackle it again this morning and got on line with another tech operator (Ann) who sounded like she was talking from the bottom of a barrel.  After messing with the router for the umpteenth time, resetting the signal twice, I finally figured out that something must have mucked up my computer so I did a system recover/restore and Voilà! we have internet again.  I was even able to sync all our new mobile toys with the new router so we are now able to text/blog/e-mail from throughout the house (except the bathroom). Now I can go forth and play catch up on everyone's blogs and cyberstalk the kids.  

And speaking of the newlyweds, they are still exploring Scandinavia.  They've left Stockholm and headed west to check out a few fjords.  Junior left me his trip itinerary and I have Googled a few places and have to admit, I am mildly jealous.  Tomorrow they hare headed up the Flåm railway into Aurland for a few days.  I "borrowed" a few shots of the railway up into the mountains.  The Flåm is supposedly rated as one of the World's Top 25 Train rides with one of the steepest grades (for a normal gauge railroad).   

One of many waterfalls along the route

Flam Village
And they booked a couple of nights in a cabin in Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri alongside the Aurland Fjord.  And I dare you to pronounce that name after a beer or two.     


ShadowRun300 said...

Good to have you up and runnin' again! Technology is SO awesome, yet SO frustrating. Did you have enough liquor to get through?
I'm a little jealous of the newlywed's adventure as well. I thought my Cog Rail trip up Pike's Peak was amazing, but the Flam into Aurland is stunning!

terri said...

Beautiful borrowed shots. The waterfall is breath-taking!

Abby said...

Great photos! I think I need a honeymoon too!

My computer was acting up also, and me here with no IT department. I think I got it scrubbed and humming. We really realize our dependence on these things when they go off, don't we?