09 August 2012

Down to the wire

Getting down to the last few days and the intensity has definitely achieve new levels.  We are working on a final headcount for the reception, I have sent out an evite for the rehearsal dinner, programs are being printed, limo has been secured, directions to the reception printed.  Lots of minor details being worked out.

Just to add to the confusion, I had both dogs groomed today.  I was going to have them taken to my vet to groom, but the groomer was booked for two weeks.  I used a coupon I had won last year for a mobile groomer to come to the house to do the dog.  Actually had both dogs done.  Met with the woman who runs the business and is also the president of the Houston Dog Park association.  Very nice lady who happens to love dogs (a lot).  Both dogs had a haircut and bath, even if they were not exactly thrilled with the attention.  Was interesting to watch them being groomed and see how they did.  Both are happier/cooler now.  Of course, right after being trimmed. bathed, and dries, Grayson goes and lays down in the wading pool I have set out for them.  

Of course, things are on track for this weekend's hoopla.  Pick up tuxes tomorrow, rehearsal dinner tomorrow night.  By Sunday afternoon, we should be comatose.   


ShadowRun300 said...

They must feel such relief now that they've been trimmed! And the 'shower' pictures are too cute!
It's hard to believe the wedding is upon you already! I am so excited for you all. Best wishes once again and looking forward to hearing from you on Monday. ;)

Abby said...

The pooches look great, and I'm sure they appreciate the coolness!