04 August 2012

Back from the west coast

It's been a short week (work-wise).

The trip went very well, supplier's happy, we're happy, ate too much (Thai food, fish tacos), weather was fantastic, flights were packed but ok (not too bad), hotel was very nice, got a couple of really nice runs in, toured the Hearst Castle (again), did a wine tasting, tried out another local brewery, visited a small farmer's market,went back to the Bubble Gum Alley.  Not too bad for a three day gig.  Of course, that left me with 2 weeks of work to do in the remaining 2 days at the office.  On top of that, next week is a short one for me since I am taking off a week starting on Wednesday in preparation for the wedding.  

Playing catch up this weekend.  Need to prep the house for the onslaught of next weekend's festivities.  I'll delve into more wedding details tomorrow, but suffice it to say, we are one week out and the panic level has definitely kicked up a notch or two.       

In the meantime, I'll just have to entertain you with a few shots from the road.

Very tiny & loud

Interesting visual

Casa Grande

The private study

Indoor aquatics 

I keep thinking this would be a bear to clean

Wine store in the hotel

Local farmer's market

Another California tourist attraction

Best toured before lunch

There's a fine line between gross and unique

Doggy chic 
One of the many California Missions

The small river that runs through San Luis Obisbpo
As one might surmise, I took lots of pictures with my iPhone.  I didn't even try to take my camera this trip.  One interesting (or disturbing) visual effect was my picture in flight of the propellers on the small puddle jumper.  The still shot was interesting, but the video was even more strange.



terri said...

Cool video and great photos! You sure did pack a lot of activity into such a small amount of time.

I hope you're all able to keep the panic in check and enjoy these days leading up to the big day!

ShadowRun300 said...

It almost sounds like you had fun on your short, jam-packed, 3 day business trip.
Your pictures are awesome! Hard to believe they are from your phone! And that video is pretty cool too. Any trick to that, or did it just turn out that way?
I like the smaller airplanes myself. They seem quieter and for some reason I trust them more. My hubby used to fly a 2-seater Cessna (I think), and I went up a few times with him. That's a little scarier. ;) He traded it in for a motorcycle, though. Quicker to hop on and go, and cheaper on gas.
Anyway.... welcome back! I'll be sending good vibes your way for a panic free, trouble free, stress free week! I am excited for you all and can't wait to hear the details!

Abby said...

Well, I hope you've taken some time off for wedding prep?

And now I remember Bubble gum Alley. Thanks for that visual reminder *GAG*

That sure is a strange looking propeller, but it appears that you're actually flying, so... Did you agree to be an experimental passenger? Cheap fare?

agg79 said...

Thanks one and all. Yes we were flying as normal, but when I took a picture on my iPhone, the prop effect looked bizarre/unnerving. I had to take a quick video just to prove I wasn't crazy (well, not totally crazy). Was definitely a weird video effect.