12 August 2012

A new chapter begins

Very, very, very long day yesterday.  We started at the crack of early and did not wrap up the reception until around 2230.  Us old folks are still trying to recover.  
Those two made a very cute couple.  For the record and I may be slightly biased, but Rebecca was absolutely gorgeous in her gown.  

It's Official


Leaving the church

Grand staircase

First Dance
The Happy Couple 
These two are going make a wonderful couple and we are looking forward to helping them celebrate many, many anniversaries.  


Abby said...

Aaaah, big sigh of relief too, I bet, that everything went off without a hitch? I feel a bit worn out/hungover myself from keeping up with your updates - thanks for keeping us updated in (almost) real time!

It all looks beautiful. *sniff* Okay, I think I really am gonna cry.

meleah rebeccah said...


Congratulations to a beautiful couple!!

ShadowRun300 said...

Congratulations to them! And to you for making it through!
You must feel so proud!
----pass the tissues, Abby.

Rock Chef said...

Congratulations to them!

Looks like a grand occasion!

I can hear the pride in the way you type.

terri said...

Oh my! I am so far out of the loop. The wedding happened already??? They are a gorgeous couple! Wishing them many happy years ahead.