06 August 2012

Oh yeah, it's on.

This week is definitely one for the books.  I have made plans to take off for a week starting Wednesday.  Got the vacation, gonna use it up.  I figured I would take 3 days before the wedding to take care of last minute stuff and then 2 days after just to unwind. That translates into two days at the office to get about 2 weeks worth of work done (remember, I was out for most of last week).  I know, I know, I'm whining again.          

The week has taken off already.  I am working on getting a limo for the kids for the wedding party to take them from the church to the reception and then from the reception to their hotel.  I know that is way past extravagant, but I wanted to do something special to make their day even more memorable.  Anywho, I have been looking up limo services down here in Houston and there are quite a few available.  I put my name out last night to a couple of local limo companies to get a general bid a wedding package for Saturday and my phone started ringing the hook at 0800 this morning.  I've been fielding calls from various limo companies to bid on the job.  I haven't decided anything yet and I will probably get one, even if it grinds against my cheapa%% nature.  

On top of limo negotiations, I am trying to get the dogs groomed this week.  Something I should have done last week but just didn't have the time.  My normal groomer at the vet is booked so I am utilizing a coupon I got from last fall's GBGRR picnic for a mobile groomer (one of those that come to your house).  I was conversing all morning with the lady who does the service and we came to a reasonable deal.  I made plans to have her come to us Wednesday morning to take care of both Chaos and Pandemonium.  It is not that those two have any role in this weekend's hoopla, but being Goldens they are getting quite shaggy and shedding up a storm.  Junior has become slightly allergic to pet dander, so I wanted to eliminate some of the source.  I love my two mutts, but sometimes, I envy those who have dogs with shorter coats.     

The groom is coming down Thursday night (likes to cut it close).  We pick up tuxes on Friday, confirm headcount of the reception on Thursday, lock down the menu for the rehearsal dinner Wednesday.  The bride dropped by last night to drop off a chair (won't fit in their new apartment) and she is going out to the club tomorrow with her mom to work out the final details of the reception.   My folks are flying in tomorrow from their road trip in New York, my middle brother is coming from Seattle on Wednesday.  It feels like a gathering of the clan.  Still got lots to do.  The one good thing is, come hell or high water, after tomorrow, I won't be on the clock so I might actually get something done around here. 


ShadowRun300 said...

The work will be there when you get back... I'm glad you're taking the time off to help out and to focus on all the excitement! The limo is a nice touch! With so many bidding against each other, I would think you could get a pretty decent price.
We've never had our golden groomed, but she could sure use it. I just take the vacuum to her once in a while. ;) She tolerates it.
Good luck with these last few days! Hope the weather is treatin' you all nice!

Abby said...

You're certainly in the thick of it now. We keep China pretty cropped during the summer. It's hard for me to even look at a long-haired black dog when it's hot.

Enjoy the festivities! I'm glad you took a couple of days off post-wedding.

Earnestine Novick said...

What happened to the limo? Limousine businesses are quite competitive these days, so you did a great job of giving yourself different options to choose from. If I were to choose a limo service, I would check on their insurance first. That’ll provide a sense of security and will also tell you about the company’s reputation. Of course, there are other factors to choose from, but that’s a great place to start. :)

Earnestine Novick