13 August 2012

Getting back to normal

Now that the Olympics are over, now that the fireworks have faded into the night, it is time to clean up and get back to the daily grind.  

As with any major event, there is the build up, the hype, the anticipation, and then the day dawns with all it glory and chaos and panic, then, in the ensuing days, it all seems a bit dull.  Despite our worries/fears, the wedding went off without any problems.  I wish I could claim credit for this.  Many times throughout the reception, people would comment to me how nice it was or how beautiful the decorations or great the food is, but honestly, my role was just one in the wings.  The mother (bride and groom) deserve all the credit for their efforts to drive this event forward.  And of course, the bride and groom worked hard to make this happen.  In my mind, this was their affair, I'm just Father of the Groom who gets to be in the pictures and gets to sit at the reserved table.  Many friends and family were offering up their congratulations and blessings but I felt it was the kids who did it all and I was just one of the supporting roles.  After all the toasts and bouquet/garter tossing and send offs, when the reception ended and everyone headed home, Mark (Father of the Bride) and I were out there paying off the caterer and the bar tab and DJ and the limo driver and the various supporting staff.  Now, please don't take this as complaining.  I have never been so happy to fork over the coin for such an event.  This was their moment, not mine, so I am elated to be a part of the whole circus.   

Reception table
Waiting for his bride (I would note that he is way calmer at this  point) 
Your chariot awaits

Cutting the cake
Tossing the bridal bouquet

Garter toss
Sunday was more of a cool down for us.  Trying to recover and get back into a normal rhythm.   I was playing limo driver for the kids to pick them up from their hotel and get them shuttled up to the airport.  Last minute packing, trips to the store, visits with out of town relatives, hugs/kisses.  Despite all of that, we got them to the airport in plenty of time to check in for their flight.  A long flight with a layover in London before they head out for Norway.  Severn time zones away and they called us via Skype around noon on the train to their hotel.  As of now, they are catching up on their sleep/rest and getting ready to explore the old city of Stockholm.  Those kids are definitely off to an interesting start in life.    

In the meanwhile, we are enjoying lots of wedding cake for dessert.   


Rock Chef said...

Wonderful stuff. The garter toss is new to me - how did I miss that one?

ShadowRun300 said...

Great idea for a honeymoon! I think you're right... they're off to a very interesting start.
So back to the daily grind, huh? Sorry to hear that. It's like Christmas. All the hoopla and excitement leading up to the big day, and *poof* just like that it's over.
Well worth all the effort though!

Abby said...

There is sort of a let down after a big event, despite the stress involved in all of the buildup. Don't let the quiet get to you!

Great photos. I like how the women all seemed in their ready positions for the bouquet toss, but the guys look like they'd rather be somewhere else for the garter toss!

meleah rebeccah said...

I am so very happy for ALL Of you! And they are most certainly off to an interesting start. Welcome back to the grind, Agg!

terri said...

Looks like it was a memorable day for all! And the "kids" are going to have SO much fun on their honeymoon.