29 October 2010


Yo homies!  I be sitting here with a cup o' joe and chillin' with the dawgs.

Fantabulous morning.  Weather's clear & dry and temps in the low 50's.  Actually had to put on long pants this morning to walk the kids. 

One more week in the books.  Made it through the week without too many scars/injuries.  As my old platoon sergeant used to tell me:  "One more day closer to retirement, sir".  I still got a boatload of vacation piled up that I have to take before the end of the year (use it or lose it) and I am playing hooky today.  No real plans for the extended weekend but taking care of lots of little projects.  I may go up to College Station to the football game tomorrow.  I may work on the Mustang.  Need to clean out garage.  Helping momma get her new toy this morning.  She's has been seriously into quilting for many years using an old Singer sewing machine she's had since high school (before we ever crossed paths).  The old 35+ year old machine finally gave up the ghost two weeks ago (I offered to take a whack at it to fix it, but was gently rebuffed).  So, momma has gotten the urge to get a new machine that will support her habit.  Just like looking at new cars, you just can't settle for the same old plain ride.  She picked a state of the art machine that will pretty much quilt by itself.  All sorts of bells and whistle and doo-dads.  Definitely not your momma's old Singer.  This new toy ain't the most expensive but it does cost more than my last computer.  It's a wee bit pricey/extravagant and she is feeling guilty about getting this but I feel she's earned it.  I've already given her the green light and she is still trying to justify it to me.  Ordered it two weeks ago and it just arrived at the shop yesterday so we are going to pick it up today.  This weekend should be like an early Christmas.

I keep expecting to get an espresso from it or maybe even access the Internet.   


Pearl said...

Did you just say you had to put on long pants?


I hear ya. It snowed while I was at the bus stop this morning!

Congratulations on the new sewing machine!


terri said...

Good for you, using up some of that vacation time. You needed it. I can just feel you relaxing (Yo homies...!)

Abby said...

Wait, you have a Mustang?

Yah, I'd say it's time for a new sewing machine for your wife! My mom bought me one when I graduated high school (so practical, and YES, I wanted it!), and I replaced that one about 10 years ago. It is a lot like shopping for a car, now that you mention it.

meleah rebeccah said...

Good for you - take that vacation time and do what you please! And, good for momma, she really needs a new sewing machine!

PS: I had to do a double take after reading your opening sentence! I was like 'wait who's blog is this?' ahahahahhahahahaah