16 October 2010

Saturday chores

Made it to the end of another week.  The weeks just seem to keep getting longer & longer.  Would love a break, but boss is off the grid on vacation and I have to keep the home fires burning.  Had an offer to go up to College Station to see the football game, but too much to do to try and arrange the trip.  Besides, the way they played, I'm glad I did not try to make the trip. 

Finished up trimming the bushes today.  Four trash cans full of branches and leaves.  Glad it was not too hot to work in the beds.  The dogs hate it when I work in the yard and they don't get to help.  They always want to be apart of any activity.  My last mutt, Shadow, would sit in the side yard and never leave the yard (unless another dog was walking by).  Grayson & Claire I don't trust as much, yet.  Claire is a good dog off leash.  She will hang by me and comes when I call.  Gray, however, is always an excitable dog and will take off if he spots another person/cat/dog.  Working on that problem.  My ideal dog (if there ever is one) is one that will sit by you as your work in the yard or on the car or on the house.  But until he walks up my driveway, I guess these two nuts will have to do.



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terri said...

They sound pretty normal to me. A dog that will stay put in the yard and not be distracted by other dogs, people, squirrels, rabbits, a leaf blowing in the breeze... is pretty rare.