20 October 2010

Have a little Faith

Occasionally, I will mention the dog group we belong to/enlisted in.  Ok, maybe a bit more than occasionally.  I try to vary my topics so this doesn't wind up becoming a boring all-dog blog (Oops, too late), but when your kid is out of the house, and your spouse is spending her days over at her parents, and work seems to all about who's fault is it, the dogs tend to be my outlet.  It's cheaper that drinking and way more socially acceptable.   

Anyhoo, we are tied into the group in many ways. Last weekend's picnic, monthly meet & greets, the occasional parade, displays at local festivals, dog show, dock dog diving, Barktoberfest, Mutt Strut. All are great opportunities to showcase the club and show off some of the available dogs and recruit more minions for the cause. Given the amount of intensity that some of the group has, I'd almost classify us as "cult-like", just without the robes and secret handshake. There are lots of roles in the club. Adoption panel, recovery people (pick up new dogs), communications, foster families (we failed there). Many members have been with the team for a long while. Cil has been one of the die-hard devotes of the cause and has worked miracles with a number of dogs. She has two dogs of her own and is always ready to take on another dog who needs a home. She has fostered a number of dogs through adoption and we really don't know how she does it. We did two fosters and failed miserably. Her latest dog is nothing short of amazing.

Faith was picked up from BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation & Control) in early August in bad shape. Serious mange, skin conditions, joint problems, emaciated.  We honestly believe that she was going to be put down within a day or two.  The group swooped in and picked her up and gave her to Cil for some TLC. 

This past weekend, Faith found her new forever home with a loving family. 

THIS is one of the reasons I joined this crew. 


Rock Chef said...

What a transformation! It is amazing what people will do to animals, isn't it?

My mom was involved in dog rescue when I was young. We ended up with 21 dogs - a mix of ones that no one else would have and ones that arrived in such a state that we could not let them leave.

This looks like a great organisation doing great work!

terri said...

Wow! What a miraculous change that was! Just goes to show the power of a little love and compassion. What a beautiful dog she turned out to be!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh my goodness! The before photos of Faith BROKE MY HEART! What an incredible story. I see now why you are involved with such a wonderful organization!