18 October 2010


It's that time again.  GBGRR Annual Picnic11th annual shindig. Seems to get bigger each year, but since this is only our 2nd year with the group, I will just have to take every one's word for it. Took both Chaos & Pandemonium out to the gig this year. Grayson participated last year and this was Claire's first experience. Lots of dogs to see, tails to sniff, balls to chase.

Clair gets a trim

Not enjoying myself

Grayon has a drinking problem

 Ok.  Seriously. 
Are we done yet?

More fun than a pack of wild dogs

There goes that grooming job

My ball!  My ball!

Can we haz some more BBQ?

One of our supporters who owns a local restaurant has 5 White Goldens.
Incredibly well behaved dogs.
They range from 18 months to 12 years old.

Everyone had a blast.  Over 250 dogs (plus a few humans).  Lots of food to eat, people to meet, fields to run in.  Even had some alligator tacos.  Both dogs slept all the way home.  Another successful outing. 


Rock Chef said...

Looks great - and don't they always home in on the closest mess when they have been groomed?

Hope they did get some more BBQ!

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw!! OMG!! What a terrific time!

terri said...

White Goldens? Never heard of them! Cool.

Alligator tacos... I'll take a pass on those, thanks.

The dogs, as always, are adorable!