04 November 2010

The look

Ok.  We've all gotten "the look".

It's a natural phenominum.  Try being married for more than a couple of years and you'll become familiar with "the look".  After 30 years of wedded bliss, I've seen "the look" more than once.

In even in the most hardened troopers, "the look" can send chills down your spine.  The look can stop a full grown bear in its tracks.  A smart man will recognize the look and know things are amiss (Danger, Will Robinson!  Danger!).  Some will foolishly try to ignore the situation and carry on with whatever activity or conversation that earned the look (typically, those are the ones who walk with a limp).  Others will dive for cover.  Some will try to make amends to avoid further exposure.  Still others will try to appease their partner on the sliver of hope that they can get back into good graces.  

As I said earlier, I've gotten the look a few times over the course of my married life.  I  dare say that I have earned it more than once.  Aw, heck, as with a lot of the calamities or excitement I've experienced in my life, I can say I probably earned it.  One of my favorite quotes has been:  "We've all got it coming, kid".   

Anyway, I "earned" the look this week.  Great weekend.  Weather superb.  Drove up to College Station and got to see a great game.  We beat a rival that been stomping us for years and this year was our time.  We never know which team will show up on the field, so we celebrate wins when they happen.  This weekend we play Oklahoma (ranked #11) so it could get ugly.  Drove back late Saturday night so I can get some things done on Sunday.       

Sunday, while working on a report, Momma and I were having our typical ping pong converstation (no fixed topic) - parents, car repair, son, DWTS, brother, politics.  I was making lite of something (sister and her horde of cats, the son's plans, DWTS, etc.) when I earned "the look" (Duh Duh DAAAA).  The only thing that save me from the full blast was Claire.  Note:  Having a cute, affectionate, licking dog between you and your advisary sometimes deflect some of the impact, but it will only provide you with some temporary cover.  Unless you make amends with your partner or leave the residence, you are in for some stormy seas ahead.  Fortuneately for me, it was Halloween and I was able to bribe my way out with Chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.   


Rock Chef said...

I know "the look" - my wife is lethal with it, but I have not earned it for a long time now. Some of us learn...

meleah rebeccah said...

I have given the "look" to many a boyfriend that's been to dumb to recognize he's about to get crushed!

terri said...

I am queen of the look. And the eye roll. My hubby usually laughs it off. I guess I'm not convincing or scary enough.

Abby said...

Gosh, it's been a while since I've enlisted "the look". My husband isn't too good with the nonverbal communication, so it's not nearly as fun as it was with previous boyfriends and my brothers. Good timing with the chocolate!