30 November 2010

There's no place like home...

We're baaaaack!
It's a long ride from west Texas.  362 miles.  7 hours.  Survived another long road trip with my brother and we didn't kill each other. 
The ranch is very remote about 30-40 miles north of Del Rio.  No cell phone/blackberry reception (a blessing) but the ranch has satelite and internet connection, so we were able to watch some football games and keep up with the rest of the world.  Weather turned cold and windy for the weekend (~30), but at least it was dry and clear.  I like hunting in the west Texas back country - it's very rugged, sparse.  This is your typical west Texas landscape that you might picture from the old west.  Rocky, scrub brush, cacti, very dry. 
We did not see anything.  Too windy for the deer to be moving.  Despite the long drive and cold temps, I still enjoyed getting out to the sticks.  I guess that is due to the boy scout in me.  This was our last gig on this ranch.  I am bumming a ride off my brother and his company's lease and they are giving it up after this year.  Not sure if they will try to find some other place to set up shop or just let eveyone do their own thing.  In some ways, it was kinda sad.  We've been going to this ranch for about 6 years now and it has become a bit of a tradition.  The ranch manager runs cattle out there and there is always couple of dogs & cats up around the bunkhouse looking for a handout.  

Now I am enjoying the week off trying to put up the Christmas tree/lights and get some shopping done.


Abby said...

It is nice to get out in the boonies now and then. Lots of boonies in Texas!

terri said...

Your "sticks" are much different than ours, but no matter what they're like, it's always good to get away from it all and get in tune with nature for a while. You don't sound too disappointed that you didn't get a deer.

Rock Chef said...

Looks like a great place for a break. Almost expect to see a flying saucer in the distance for some reason!

meleah rebeccah said...

It's kind of sad this was the last year you'll be spending on that particular ranch. But, maybe you will find something else - possibly even better - next year?

I am glad you and your brother enjoyed the Road Trip without killing each other. And it's always great to get away from it all and enjoy the wonders of nature.