05 November 2010

Offt again

Wazup homes?  'Ere it be Friday and I be sitting again with some brain juice and hanging out with the dawgs.  Another Friday off and starting out on a 3 day weekend.  Will probably head north to catch the football game tomorrow.  Weather looks to be promising.  Been raining for the last few days, but it broke yesterday and turned clear and cold (~40s).  Should be a cooler, but dryer weekend.  Hello Fall. 

After some casual observation, I am beginning to think these dogs of mine got it pretty easy.  Indoor dogs, plenty of food & water, walked 2x per day, unlimited belly rubs, 1 hour of frenzied activity, 23 hours of sleep.  Not sure who is in charge around here.  It's a dog's life...   

Happy Guy Fawke's Day and have a great weekend!


terri said...

40s??? Did you say 40s? It was 41 HERE today!

I think your dogs DO have it good and I'm sure they appreciate all that you do for them.

Love the meth lab!

Abby said...

I was just thinking similar thoughts about our own crazy dog, China after her morning walk. What a life! I like labs in general, but think I'll avoid the meth lab!

meleah rebeccah said...

I'm too hysterical laughing at the Meth Lab dog photo to write a better comment!

Rock Chef said...

A lucky dog has a great life.

A not so lucky dog has it pretty bad.

I know that your dogs have a great life - can I be one of your dogs in my next life?