21 November 2010

What's in a name?

Burning a few days off to burn before the holidays.  Took off Friday to take care of some chores, pick up groceries, finish up some electrical projects, drop the dog off at the vet.  No real agenda for the weekend, just trying to relax and get ready for the holidays.

Took Miss Claire in for a check up/grooming.  No issues with her, but it was her 6+ month check up since her heartworm treatment.  She's got a couple of lumps on her head (not from me) and I wanted to have them checked out.  Turns out they are normal for Goldens - kinda like skin tags or warts.  Shadow had a number of them and even Grayson has one on his shoulder.  They bother me more than they bother her (I keep thinking they are ticks).  While she was in the shop, I had them some blood work on her to check out her condition.  She is a bit heavier than I would like (like me) even though both of them are very active and they are eating the weight management (low cal) dog food.  She is not overeating but she is definitely not starving.  Grayson, on the other hand, is right where he should be for his age.  Claire has a couple of years on the boy, so she is not as limber/spry as he is, but she does keep him in his place.  While she was there, she also got a bath and grooming/new hair style (aka hair cut).  Michelle is the new groomer and loves both dogs and will cut them however we prefer.  I had Grayson done last month and really liked the style - not short, but not overly long (looks like a classic Golden).  However, momma prefers them with a shorter doo.  So, on this go around, momma's opinion won out and Claire is sporting a shorter, sassy coat.  Like most typical dogs, she doesn't seem to mind the hairstyle as long as there are treats/attention involved.  

Anyway, while Claire was out, it was just Grayson and I at home for most of the day doing "stuff".  While working on various chores, I would catch myself calling Grayson by Claire's name.  Even wound up with the mashup "ClaireGrayson" a few times.  Reminds me of my younger days when my mom would tend to run through her boys names "HapMikeJerry" on occasion whenever she needed my attention.  That was one of the drawbacks of being the third child.  First two got all the glory, I was (and still am) the youngest sibling.  Of course, by the time number 3 rolls around, mom & dad are pretty much used to the occasional crisis or trauma (aka Abby's saga).  I could regale you with stories of hot coffee, broken arm, car doors, fireworks mishaps, and even a severed finger, but I'll leave those for another posting.  Suffice it to say, life was interesting growing up with two older, loving brothers.  I almost pity Stephen being an only child missing out on the love and attention and excitement that comes from sharing with your siblings.  It is an experience you cannot buy on line or learn in school. 

Picked up Claire late in the day and she was happy to escape.  She's back home being underfoot, messing with Grayson, and generally enjoying the life of a dog. 


Abby said...

It is hard to imagine what it would be like to be an only child, or to raise one for that matter. I was also the youngest of three and was often addressed as the 3-named version. And my older sibs are both boys!

Glad the pooches are healthy and rightfully pampered!

meleah rebeccah said...

My grandmother used to call out "hey-you-whatever-your-name-is" because there were too many grandkids names to keep up with!

Im happy to hear your doggies are doing well!

terri said...

I don't remember my parents mixing up our names (and there were 4 of us.) Maybe that's because we had weird nicknames. Mine were Teen Jean and Punk, depending on who was addressing me.

Glad to hear all is well with the furry kids.