05 July 2010

Long weekend

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend.  Extended weekend for a lot of folk.  The PTB (powers-that-be) gave us both Friday and Monday off so it's been a 4 day weekend.  Been goofing around the house mostly.  Friday was a washout with the rain, but Saturday was 50/50 for the weather.  Was going to mow the yard but it is still saturated with rain and it would be like mowing a swamp.  Today it has dried out a bit and I hope to be able to cut it back before grass overgrows the house.  Pretty laid back weekend.  My son came back home on Saturday late and will be here through today. 
I took him and his roommates to the range yesterday (their request) to blow off some steam and throw lead downrange.  One kid was from LA and had never shot a handgun before, so he wanted to try it out (while he was in Texas).  Everybody had a blast.  Wound up spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and helping the guys build a Beirut table.  Ah, to be young and in college.   

Was pretty laid back for fireworks.  In the past, we would head to the neighborhood park and set out lawn chairs and could watch 3 different fireworks displays.  Depending upon where you set up, you could see the local city fireworks and then turn west and watch the adjacent city's displays.  Occasionally, we could see the downtown display from afar.  And of course, we would watch the local neighborhood kids try to kill each others with bottle rockets and star clusters.  The old dog would have a conniption fit over any fireworks so we would leave him home.  The two new dogs seem to be a little less freaked but I was not going to test their resolve.  This year we did not venture out to brave the traffic.  My son went to watch fireworks with girlfriend and I walked the dogs and heard the commotion.   All in all, a pretty lazy weekend.  Now I am off to mow the yard and wait for the a/c guy to show up. 

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terri said...

I'd never heard of a Beirut table. Clicked your link...Ahhh... I get it. Beer Pong! Now that I've heard of. Never played though. Drinking games involve too much drinking for my liking.

Sounds like a decent and laid back weekend for you. Too bad about all the rain. Ours managed to hold off until this morning, so we got through the 4th of July without getting rained out.