19 July 2010

Dog & Pony Show

Actually more of a dog show. No ponies allowed.

Did I ever mention I’ve joined a cult? A bunch of fanatics who are always on the hunt for new recruits and always trying to seek out new ways to raise money/funds for their cause? In case you ever run across them on the street, give them a wide berth. Look the other way. Make no eye contact.

GBGRR (Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue) is a group of some seriously dedicated to rescuing Golden Retrievers from whatever situation they are in. Shelters, pounds, humane society, breeders, lost dogs, OTIs (owner turn ins). These folks are really committed. They’ve been in business for over 10 years trying to find stray/abandoned/mistreated Golden Retrievers and finding them permanent homes, no matter what their condition is. Young, old, active, sedentary, abandoned, healthy, injured, sick. It doesn’t matter. These people are available 24/7. I have seen some people drive out to Louisiana or west Texas to get dogs that are at risk. There goals are to put every single dog in a permanent home, no matter how long they have.

We're an alumni of the group. They are constantly on the prowl for dogs and have regular “meet & greets” every month to find homes for dogs. Some dogs move quickly. Others have issues that make them a challenge to place. We try to participate as much as we can. We tried unsuccessfully to foster two dogs but failed at those attempts and Grayson and Claire are direct byproducts of that effort. I guess our days as foster parents are limited. But still, I try to support them whenever I can. This coming weekend is the dog show at Reliant Center. Big once-a-year show that showcases lots of things and events. A lot of the rescue groups have booths at the show to promote their cause and we are one of those groups. We’ll be there early Saturday morning telling people about their efforts. Last year, Grayson was recovering from his heartworm treatment, so I went sans dog. This year I intend to help out as much as I can. Definitely not taking both as that would be just asking for trouble, but I will definitely take one, just not sure which one will go. Grayson has the classic golden retriever look/posture. Claire is a better people dog. Will see how the week plays out before I make my choice.

Expect a few stories/pictures next weekend.


meleah rebeccah said...

Wow. Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue sounds like a an awesome group / cult to belong to. I think it's wonderful you help out as much as you do.


terri said...

I knew you were dedicated to this cause, so it comes as know surprise that you've become as involved as you have.

Actually, thanks to you, I am slowly starting to consider adopting a dog. Don't tell my husband, but I was browsing around the Pet Finder website Saturday night! I'm not sure when, but there will be another dog in my life.