29 July 2010

Day 5


Sleep in late, don't have to break camp, hot showers, wash laundry, chuckwagon dinner, toss the frisbee in the meadow.

Beaubien is a great rest stop (the only one they'll get) for the crew on this trek.

Lots of things to do (branding, horseback riding, horseshoes, roping) or you can just lay back and rest up for the rest of the trail.

The crew will have to perform a service project along the trail and this is typically the best spot/time to do that. 3-4 hours of conservation work (clearing brush, cutting down trees, building trails, etc.) is part of the requirement for earning the Arrowhead patch. Other than that, the day is pretty much open to do whatever they want to do.

Service Project
Trail building

Depending upon how much food they got at base camp, they may have to pick up food for today. Normally, they will pick up food tomorrow on their way through Phillips Junction on the trail to Crooked Creek.

Hot Showers

Chuckwagon dinner


Rock Chef said...

That is funny - you start off painting this as a day of rest and then say that they have to do 3-4 hours of lumberjacking! You are a cruel man :-)

terri said...

Yeah... that didn't sound restful to me at all!

meleah rebeccah said...

Now THAT sounded like a GREAT day!! Especially the Hot Shower part!