30 July 2010

Day 6

Halfway done.  Does anybody know what day it is?

At this point on the trail, you start to lose track of the days (is it Saturday or Sunday?).

The guys have covered about 50% of the trail and are now deep in the back country of Philmont. If you were to Google the location, they will be somewhere along the backside of the property.

Today should be a fairly easy/short (3.6 miles) hike. Depart Beaubien, hike through to Phillips Junction for breakfast and food pick up and then up to Crooked Creek. Nice site with excellent examples of 1860 homesteading. Good chance for the boys to practice their hands at cutting wood, making candles, herding livestock, and generally living like they were in the late 1800's.

Saw buck

Rounding up the herd

Time to enjoy another campfire tonight and some old time songs/stories.  


Rock Chef said...

Well I am reading this on Friday, so yes your sense of time is really shot.

Looks like amazing fun, though, a great escape from the madness of everyday life.

meleah rebeccah said...

Yeah, it's only FRIDAY! Ahahahahahah!

terri said...

I'm just thinking how nice it must be to be away from televisions and computers and all the chaos of modern life!