06 July 2010

10th Commandment

I'll admit it.  I'm guilty. 
Last weekend was the wife's birthday.  Always have tried to get her something different, something she will actually use/appreciate.  After 30 years, I've not always been successful, but my batting average is better than most.  Jewelry is usually safe territory.  Appliances are way out of bounds.  I'm not up with the latest fashions, so clothing is not an option.  Electronics are not typically well received unless it is a new laptop or iPhone (potential Xmas gift).   

This year I tried a different approach.  About a year & half ago when I was prepping for my first half marathon, I got several gift certificates from well meaning in-laws.  I finally broke down and got myself an iPod.  Actually, it was an iPod Nano (3rd gen).  Sought advice from my technical advisor (son) who gave me all sorts of options.  I could have gone for the iPod, but it seemed like overkill (to me).  From consulting several running groups, the Nano seemed to be a good selection as it was smaller, lighter and was more of a "flash drive" and did not have as many working parts that would be susceptible to damage from running.  Got one for my first 1/2 marathon and have been happy with the selection.  It's a smaller, thinner device and holds about 2 gazillion songs, more than I have in my tape and CD library.  Been a good choice for me and I run with it every other day.  Did not want a iPod shuffle as it did not hold as many songs and you don't have the video screen (2 inches is not massive).  Fast forward to last weekend and my wife's pending birthday.  She had mentioned she would like an iPod like mine and I set off in search for one.  Now, I'll admit she is not a technophile and a lot of the newer trinkets are over the top so I considered an iPod Classic as a bit of overkill.  I got her a new iPod Nano (5th Gen).  A bit narrower and taller than mine, but I thought it was a good start for her.  Been playing with it to set it up for her and it has a bunch of neat features that my old Nano lacks.  It has the same amount of memory but hers has a video camera ability, will allow you to watch videos/movies (screen rotates), has an external speaker, and even has an FM radio.  I felt mine was perfect and just what I needed to run with but but now I am jealous.  Is it wrong to covet your spouses gift?

I am on the road again to southern California for a few days.  Long flight out to the west coast.  Hope we have nice weather.  At least it gets me out of the office for most of the week.   


Rock Chef said...

For a moment I thought you were going to say that you kept the new iPod and gave your wife your old iPod!

I think it is OK to covet your wife's stuff...

terri said...

It's okay to covet your wife's stuff, as long as it's a gadget. Might worry about you if you started coveting her purses or shoes.