03 July 2009

Post trip log

I'm one of those A/R kind of guys that likes to analyze everything. After each of my road trips, I tend to look back to see what worked and what didn't. I always tend to over-analyze past trips in my mind to see what we liked and what what we would want to do differently (if we go back). This last trip we did a lot and I am not sure I would change much. I did not make it up the Space Needle, but in hindsight, that was not a big deal (sure, paying $25-30 to ride to the top of the needle to see a panoramic view of the Seattle area is nice, but we saw lots of great views from our vantage point). I would have liked to take a day to go to Mount Rainier and hike some of the local trails. I made it a point to sample some of the local flavor (i.e. breweries) and we were going to try for a winery or two, but just ran out of time.

Got to spend a lot of time with junior and even got to see my brother & wife, so I would call the trip a success.

Some of the interesting sights of the Washington State area:


terri said...

I think a sure sign of a successful trip is to be able to say, "We did a lot," and to not feel as if you missed out on much at all. Beautiful pictures.

Rock Chef said...

Love that little light house, or whatever it is!

I think I would have skipped the space needle too!

Sounds like a great trip overall!

agg79 said...


Thanks, but you take much better pictures than I. I am just a rank amatuer with a Nikon.


It was. Actually was trying to get a couple of good shots of the light house with Mount Rainer framed in the back ground. The small picture on the blog does not do it justice.

meleah rebeccah said...

you take such wonderful photos!