30 June 2009

There's no place like home

Trip report

I like to travel. Don't get me wrong. I may gripe and grumble about airlines and security lines and baggage checks and hotel beds and long flights and airline food, but I secretly like to travel. I live to the opportunity to see new places/things. Even on a business trip, I am always open to exploring the surrounding area, if given the time.

Our trip was excellent. Way too much to do/see in the few days we had. The weather was perfect for Seattle (low 50s, high 70s) and no rain. Got to see Mt Raineer from most areas in Seattle which, from what the locals tell me, is not too often. Got to spend a large amount of quality time with our son and see where he is working as an intern. Microsoft has a huge campus in Redmond, WA and is it immaculately groomed. You'd think you were at a park from all of the trees/landscaping. Got to hand it to MS, they do pour the money into their facilities. Junior is having the time of his life. Great job, neat apartment, lots of opportunity to work with a company he may wind up working for in the long run. After last year in San Jose, I would prefer Seattle for climate and home values. While he worked, we explored the surrounding area/towns. Really neat towns/villages on the east side of Seattle. The woods/roads remind me somewhat of our stay in southern Germany. We even spend a day or two wandering around Seattle and the suburbs. Did the touristy thing and took a lake tour of Puget Sound and University Lakes. Got to see the floating home where Sleepless in Seattle was flimed. I played chafeur for momma around the area on a quilt shop hop. That's were all of the local quilt stores open up for 4 days for a massive sale/shop hop. Did not know that there were so many quilt stores in the northern Washington area. The stores/groups even charter busses to take them from store to store. Flying solo, we were able to hit 5 over 2 days and even ran one woman from Houston that had flown up to Seattle just for the gig. Saturday we went out to Vashon Island to visit with my brother and his wife at their country home & yurt. Vashon is an island across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Only accessable by ferry and just 30 minutes from downtown, but miles from the city. Great little place in the country. They have a very nice, simple home that many would find small or "cozy" but I really liked it. Ate steaks with them and drank Washington State wine while we gossiped about family or got into a political debate. Sunday, we made a run up to Vancouver, BC. Was a long drive (3 hours) for a short stay (5-6 hours). Had some great fish, drank some great Vancouver beer, toured the local market before heading back home. I would have prefered to have a bit more time touring the area and seeing the town that will host the next winter Olympics.

Spent a large amount of coin, ate way too much, got home this morning at 0300. Tired, back ache, got a ton of work to do when I hit the office in the morning. Typical crisises & people problems at work and I know I am walking back into a s&$%#storm of headaches/work.

Was it worth it? I may gripe when the bills hit, but, in a word, yes.
Any time to spend with my kid is well worth the investment.


terri said...

Definitely sounds worth it. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves and got to spend time with loved ones. Work and home stuff will always be there waiting when you get back.

meleah rebeccah said...

Wow. That almost makes ME want to work for Microsoft AND take a trip to Seattle!

"Any time to spend with my kid is well worth the investment"


I'm so glad you enjoyed your time visiting your son and traveling and exploring.

Abby said...

Wow, sounds wonderful! Does your brother really have a yurt?

Reading this has me thinking that I really need a fun getaway. You'll come watch my kids, right?