29 June 2009

From the road

Ever take a vacation and finally have to go home/work just to get some rest? We're wrapping up our short tour to the northwest and are flying out this afternoon. Been a great trip and I am worn out. Got to see a lot of our son and the local area during the few short days up here. Weather has been fantastic. Highs in the low 70s and low have been in the high 50s. I've been out running some of the trails around the Redmond (east of Seattle) area. These folks really know how to do trails. I was sick earlier this month, so haven't been keeping up with my runs, but I have made up for it here. Been out every morning in the 58 degree sunshine trying to knock down 5-6 miles. Compared to the 99+ degrees in Houston, this is nervana.

Have not seen everything we intended, but have seen a lot. Going to lunch with my son before we head out to the airport. I try not to think about how much this cost (has not been a cheap trip, but well worth it). Did a short trip yesterday to Vancouver, Canada. 3 hours to drive up and was able to spend about 6 hours touring the town before heading back to Seattle. Long day.

See ya'll down the road.


Rock Chef said...

A case of needing a holiday to get over the holiday!

terri said...

I was just thinking how much I used to enjoy even a long weekend away at the lake, but now it seems like so much work to get there and so much work to get back to normal. I guess I need a real (and long) vacation to make it worth my while anymore.

meleah rebeccah said...

I ALWAYS need a VACATION after I take a vacation!