23 June 2009

So much to do, so little time

Gotta short road trip planned.

We're gonna head to the west coast to check in on numero uno son and how he is "suffering" through the summer in Seattle. I am not really jazzed about flying again so soon, but seeing how summer arrived a few weeks ago and the temps are projected to hit the 100s this week, I won't mind running off to the Pacific Northwest for a few days (highs are projected to be in the mid 70s). Trying to plan for things to do while we are up there. Making plans to visit with my older brother and his new wife out on the island.

Of course, he has always been the "creative" and outgoing one of the family...


terri said...

And I'm sure he wouldn't be the least bit embarassed that you posted this lovely photo of him on the internet! LOL.

Have a great vacation. I bet 70's sounds heavenly compared to the Texas heat. (Although it was 95 here yesterday...)

meleah rebeccah said...

have a safe flight and a wonderful trip!

Abby said...

"the island"?

Enjoy the R & R!

agg79 said...

terri - Him? Actually, that photo was from one he posted hissownself on his trip log when they rafted down the Grand Canyon two years ago.

Meleah - we have had a great time but I need to go home to get some rest.

Abby - Vashon island. My brother and his bride live in a great little country place on Vashon Island across Puget Sound from Seattle. He basically takes the ferry into work every morning to downtown Seattle. Great little island. It is like living in the country while only being 30 minutes from downtown. Very few cars/traffic.