11 July 2009

Hot dog

How come everytime I go swimming, the paparazzi show up?

We made it to another weekend! Went out for bagels this morning and the temps are already in the mid 80s. Supposed to hit 100 today and the forecast is for much of the same for the next 7 days. Tough to run in these kinds of temps unless you do it early.

Grayson is back from his treatment and "grooming". He is doing very well and you couldn't tell he had anything wrong with him. The vet says he should remain calm & quiet (not get excited) for the next 30 days and I am not supposed to walk him for at least 2-3 weeks. Of course, he doesn't understand that restriction. He thinks he is being punished cause I won't take him for a walk or play with him too roughly. Been trying to use those sad, brown eyes on me to no avail. He'll just have to wait like the rest of us.
While he was in the shop, I had him groomed. Well, groomed is not quite the right word. I told the groomer I wanted him to get a "shave down" to keep him cooler in the hot temps and get rid of his fleas and I kinda regret it now. He now has taken on the look of a yellow lab and looks a lot like a larger version of our older dog, Shadow. I think he looks more handsome with a fuller coat, so we are going to let it grow back out. Althought, right now, he is cooler and not panting as much. I will post a picture of his new "doo" later this weekend.
In the meanwhile, I am off to mow the yard. Thanks to the constant watering of last week and a 2.5 inch rain we had on Wednesday, the yard is coming back with a vengance. Of course, with the forecast as it is, it will probably start to brown up again by next weekend. Low key weekend planned. Mow yard, wash/wax cars, hit the range, sort through some boxes junior brought home (momma likes to organize) before he returns next month.

Have a great weekend!


terri said...

Where is Grayson swimming in that picture? The water is a gorgeous blue!

Glad to hear he got started on his treatment and he's on his way to being healthy again. I hope he doesn't get too frustrated with his "punishment."

I do feel bad for you with the hot temperatures. I complain a lot about the Minnesota weather, but this time of year is about as perfect as it can be for me.

meleah rebeccah said...

100+ degrees? Good Lord!

Its been nothing but rain all summer over here, its enough already with the rain!