10 May 2009

Yo Momma

A toast to all the moms out there (especially to my mom and my wife).

Happy Mothers Day terri, abby, meleah, judy, nonna, brigid!

We have so much to be grateful for. You brought us into this world, loved us unconditionally, showed us how things are done, healed our hurts, paid our bills, and set us on the path of life. No mere card or flowers or cheesy bauble or hallmark momento can ever express the gratitude I/we owe. As I said on my birthday in March, thanks for making it all happen. It may be just a guy's opinion, but I think the hardest thing of being a mom is letting your children go.

Thanks Mom!

And remember, you made me what I am (so, in some way, you are to blame)...


terri said...

Oh, that was sweet... and just a bit feisty too, as I've come to expect from you. Now don't be blaming your mom for your shortcomings. She tried to steer you in the right direction, but you obviously didn't listen to her all the time! ;-)

Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes!

agg79 said...

Momma Tried to raise me better but her pleading I denied,

And that leaves only me to blame, cause Momma Tried.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Well said!

It isn't Mothers Day over here so this was all a surprise to me!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwwwww! Thank you! Im so touched you added me! I hope you had a fabulous MD too!

Brigid said...

Thank you for the kind wishes!

Our Mom's truly shape us.


Abby said...

Belated thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. I try, anyway. I guess that counts for something.