14 May 2009

Last call

The last blog generated a morbid, but interesting line to ponder.

How would you want to celebrate your life?

A formal funeral service with all the mourners and pall bearers? A wake with an open bar?

Many people who were kind enough to respond indicated a predilection to be cremated and celebrate life in a more positive fashion. Me? I have always wanted to go out in style. Now, I am not planning anything real soon, but if I were to pass on, I want to be cremated and have a wake as a memorial service. I do not want for people to be sad and forlorn, instead, I would prefer to have my friends and family celebrate life and have a good time. If given the chance, I would also prefer to have have my ashes spread over a place that I find special meaning. I have always harbored a secret desire to have my ashes scattered from a plane over Kyle Field (the football stadium @ Texas A&M). This may turn into another thread in a blog, but I have always had a intense love/loyalty to my Alma matter and it has become a part of me since I attended over 30 years ago. I am pretty sure that this practice is not permitted and people would frown upon my desire to spread my remains over the campus where I graduated into life, but I still would like to make a go at it. If not there, then I would like to be cast to the wind over the mountains of Philmont. To me, that is one of the few remaining frontiers of America and a place I could find peace and tranquility. Both spots represent major turning points in my life and I found true inspiration and tranquility. Now, reality tells me that this is probably not allowed, but we can always dream of writing our own ending. Of course, I am not looking to close out this chapter any time soon, but one should always consider the final stop in life.

Hope this was not too morbid or maudlin for you.


terri said...

Death is coming, whether we like it or not. Not talking about it is only a way of avoiding facing the inevitable.

I don't really care what they do with me when I'm gone. I'm not going to be around to worry about it anyway.

meleah rebeccah said...

A wake with an open bar!!! Yes Please!