24 May 2009

Easy come, easy go

We got back from the airport a few hours ago where momma's baby has flown off to Seattle. Part of my job as dad is to play the supporting role in major events. I help him move into/out of the dorm, haul his stuff across Texas, drive him and his entourage to the airport. I drove momma, junior, and girlfriend to the airport earlier today. Of course, being a night owl, he stays up until 0400 packing for the trip, so I am the one (with the dog) to get up early and make sure the logistics are in order prior to departure. I kinda have to roust the crew up from their beauty sleep and get them organized to leave the house in time to make his flight. Since I've done a few of these trips to the airport over the past few years, I kinda know when to leave and what route gets us to the airport fastest. He was taking two checked bags (48 & 49 lbs respectively), one carry-on and one backpack. Of course that does not include the stuff he left for me to ship to him next week. We made the airport with plenty of time (thanks to me) and I dropped them off to get checked in. Of course, trying to find a parking space near the terminal is not an easy or quick chore, but I was able to make it to the check in counter about the time he was done. Since it was a fairly light crowd, we had about 2 hours to kill before his flight, so we sat around the terminal until he finally had to check through the TSA scanners and move to his gate. I will say that I am glad that his girlfriend came along. It was touching/sad to see them try to say goodbye for the summer (they are definitely in love).

Actually, by the time I post this, he has landed and texted us that he is doing well and looking for his bags. Was fun & great to see him, but I am tired.

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terri said...

It must be a complete mixture of excitement, adventure and a bit of sadness he experiences when going away like this. Nice for him that you are the organized one and make sure all pulls off without a hitch. I hope that his summer is successful and fulfilling.