08 August 2013

Vaya con dios

At this point, RC is probably out exploring the streets and trail of Malta.  I hope that he and Mrs RC have an outstanding time.

As for me, my bags are packed and sitting by the back door and I am ready to go off world.  Today it was typical chaos.  Several reports to finish, meetings to attend, decisions to make, last minute tasks to run.  Just one time, I would love to head out on one of my extended trips in a calm and deliberate fashion.  I had hoped to leave by 4:00 pm to mow the yard one last time, but that was just a pipe dream.  By the time I finally pulled the plug, it was well past 1830.  And I still owe my boss a report tonight.  Oh well, nobody ever said life was easy.  Besides, I'm getting the opportunity to visit some far off land, see some interesting sights, sample some interesting food/drink.  This time tomorrow, I will still be on a plane headed west to some far off exotic destination halfway around the globe.    

Dogs are walked/pooped/fed.  One final walk in the morning before I head off to get felt up by the TSA.  Sorry I haven't been posting my inane comments on everyone's blogs, but I've been backed up at work and haven't been on line as much as I used to.  I am sporting a new toy that I hope will make communications easier.  If it works, I hope to post some updates while in transit.  My plan is to play catch up on everyone's blogs while I am waiting to catch the next flight.  If things pan out, keep an eye for some interesting road postings.  Pictures to follow.  

The road goes on forever and the party never ends....    

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