02 August 2013

No excuse

Nope.  Got none.  Sorry for the pause in the action.  I could blame it on technical difficulties but that's not true.  I've actually penned two eloquent, articulate posts (with pictures), only have them turn to crap in the morning when I re-read them.  I've hit a lull in the fire fight and I am working my way back.

Been busy (what's new?).  Work has been:  a) cleaning my clock, 2) eating my lunch, iii) kicking my butt (your choice).  I've been trying to wrap up our fiscal month, finish up some audit reports, get ready for my road trip to the other side of the world, work through some minor catastrophes  support our own internal audit, figure out how to save the company billions of dollars while buying the best stuff.  Typical week - trying to save the world.  Seems like it has been consuming my week.  When I get home I have no real desire in even going on line.  Just come home, take care of the children (play, walk, pick up dog poop), watch some lame show, go to bed, repeat.  And since it has been brutally hot (99 degrees now) down here, there hasn't been much interest in wandering outside of the A/C zone.  On top of that, with all of the chaos at work, I haven't been able to squeeze in a run for two weeks so I am feeling really cranky/lethargic.  I need some serious motivation (translation:  ass kicking) to get me out of my mental rut.

The weekends seem to fly by but my brother did try to kill me last weekend.  OK, maybe it wasn't intentional, but I got recruited in helping him pick up and assemble a new lift for his garage.  Some 3500 lb contraption that will allow him to work on his old cars.  Turned into another adventure where my back is not speaking to me and I wound up sweating like a old horse.  

He plans on christening it this weekend.  I guess it is nice to have a hobby. 

I am still keeping busy with my own plans.  Working in the yard (who cares if it is 98 degrees?).  The old lawn mower finally bit the dust last weekend.  Looking to find an alternative to keep the yard in check.  I could always follow the path an old co-worker did years ago (paved over his back yard) but that just seems like the easy way out.

Getting ready for my road trip around the globe next week.  I love to travel and see the world/new sights, but, honestly, a 23 hour flight is not really something I am looking forward to.  


lotta joy said...

What a pristine garage!! Your brother deserves whatever he wants, and you deserve a fantastic massage, paid for by dear brother.

lotta joy said...

What a pristine garage!! Your brother deserves whatever he wants, and you deserve a fantastic massage, paid for by dear brother.

ShadowRun300 said...

No excuses? Seems to me you have some great excuses, although I'm not buying the one where your blogs turn to crap overnight.
If I didn't run in the early morning, I would never get one in. I have to get up and goin' before my brain realizes what I'm doing. But even then, I'd have second thoughts if it was 98 degrees before the sun rises. (At least I remember it feeling like that down there....)
I'm thinking your brother's new contraption should be christened with a 68 Mustang.

meleah rebeccah said...

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't been able to post anything new in a while either. I've been so damn busy working on my book, and, preparing for my brothers wedding, that I haven't had time for anything else!

I hope your back feels better by now - after helping your brother install the new lift for his garage [which is awesome by the way].

Abby said...

Appreciate you making a showing in the middle of all of your busy-ness. Your brother's garage looks better than my house!

agg79 said...

Thanks Lotta, but it ain't my garage. It's my brother's mancave. Good place to work on a car or bust a knuckle.

SR300 - trust me, those blogs were really not up to par. Ya'll deserve better. And running in the 90+ degree heat adds a whole new dimension to "sweating with the oldies"

Mel - appreciate the support. I know how you feel (somewhat). Seem to be stuck in blog limbo.

Abby - Thanks, but as I said with LJ, this is my brother mancave, not mine. He garage looks better that my living room at times.