03 August 2013


They launch new ships with a bottle of champagne.  What do you christen a new lift with? Beer?  Scotch?  Champale?  

Ran back across town to my brother's garage.  My old lawnmower has kicked the bucket and I am in need of a some new hardware to take care of the yard.  My brother had a spare mower (don't ask) he gave to me that I can use for the rest of the summer (puts off the decision to get a new mower).  Of course this mower is almost as old as Stephen, but still fires up on the first pull.  While over there, he wanted to test out the new car lift.  What better way than putting something up in the air?  Now, with a new lift, what would you use to test out the system?  An old 1930 Model A?  Or how about a crappy old '87 Nissan 300X?  Nah, that'd be too easy.  How about an '81 Delorean?  

I kept waiting for it to fall over. 

Of course, let's thrown 30 years into the mix.  A 1951 Ford and 1981 Delorean.  

The -1951 is my brother's ride and the Delorean is my nephew's.  

Of course, while I was being used to help test the system, I took advantage of the available tools/hardware to rebuild my drawer that was damaged during the break in. Was able to come up with a pretty decent fix that should work.  

Of course, being 98 degrees down here, we were sweating like pigs by the time we were done.  Looking forward to the fall and "cooler" temps.   


meleah rebeccah said...

Holy crap!

That 1951 Ford = AWESOME!!

And also - I would have worried the cars were going to fall off too!

Abby said...

I'll say it again, that's one fancy garage. You have a Delorean in the family? Does your nephew drive it for grocery gettin'? That '51 Ford is a beaut! And your cabinet looks great too. Lotsa testosterone in this post, Agg...

agg79 said...

Mel - yea, the 51 is a pretty cool car. But, like a lot of relationships, she requires a lot of work to keep her running smoothly.

Abbys - Yes, ma'am, we have a Delorean in the tribe. Nephew decided he had to had one. Not a cheap toy, either, but it does draw some attention. You definitely nailed the testosterone call. This garage is an uber mancave with all the bells and whistles. All it lacks is a 52 inch TV for football games (give it time).

ShadowRun300 said...

Just like the launching of a new ship, you must have faith that it won't sink. (Or fall over. Or collapse.)And it's obvious you guys had faith.
I REALLY wanna know why your brother had a spare mower. Are you sure I can't ask? (Actually, I'd rather know if it's a Honda. Those things can take a beatin' and will still fire up every time.)
Any camping plans in the future? You'll need to christen that new drawer at some point.