19 August 2013

Home again ('bout time!)

10148 miles and 22 hours later, we finally made it back home.  Left Hong Kong Saturday morning for a long 14 hour flight to San Francisco, quick turnaround in SFO with just enough time to catch our plane out to Houston.  A short hop of only 4 hours and landed around 5 pm.  This was definitely the longest flight I have ever done.

Dogs and wife happy to have me back.  Spent most of Sunday recovering, mowing the yard, hitting the dog park, and catching up on my sleep.  I was able to get in a massage on the side (back hurting from all that flying).  Looking at a ton of work at the office - several reports due, meetings to attend, decisions to be made.

Trip went very well.  We got everything done we set out to do.  I hope to start catching up on my blog posts/reads this week.  Stayed in some really fancy hotels.  While in Hong Kong, I was able to keep up with the blogs, but when we moved over to China, things got interesting.  I will elaborate later, but the short story is that I was unable to access anyone's blogs, including mine.  Found it interesting as to what we could see (or not see) both on the internet and the TV stations.  

Hong Kong harbor
And, oh yeah, remind me to tell you about Typhoon Utor that hit Hong Kong while we were there.  


Rock Chef said...

Glad you made it back OK.

I am guessing that blogs as a whole are considered subversive...

ShadowRun300 said...

Well welcome back! I've had some long plane trips, but nothing like you just had. No wonder you needed a massage!
Hong Kong harbor looks beautiful! I guess I'm a little surprised. For some reason I expected it to be, I don't know, NOT pretty.
And don't forget to tell us about the typhoon! I'm guessing it added some excitement to your trip!

Abby said...

Well, I knew the internet was censored in China. How cool to know that our blogs didn't make the cut!
Glad you're back!

terri said...

Welcome home! It all sounds exciting and exhausting.