11 August 2013

Hong Kong at last

I woulda thought a "short" hop from Tokyo to Hong Kong would have been a breeze after that 12+ hour run to Tokyo.  Boy, was I wrong.  3+ hour layover in a hot Uniter lounge, packed plane, sat in the middle seat (my least favorite) in the exit rowthen we proceeded to sit on the runway for an hour while the pilots were trying to "fix" one of the indicator light thingies. Great.  Not want I wanted hear.  The finally got it working and we took off for HK.  Laned some time after 2230 and finally made the hotel a bit befor midnight.  By my reckoning, i had been up for almost 28 hours (sans a short nap on the planes).  Pretty much crashed for the night.

Up early this am (it is afternoon in Texas) and decided I had been sitting way too long so went for a run.  Did 45 minutes on the treadmill (you know how much I hate treadmills) and the a few laps around the hotel property.  Not really far, but a good work out.  Especially since it was already 89 degrees at 0700.  Showered off (BTW fantastic shower) and met up with my coworkers for breakfast.  We decided to take the train down to tour Hong Kong proper.  I will eleborate on that trio later but let's just say it was HOT.  Saw lots of shops/stores/booths selling cheap crap.  Want a Fendi purse for cheap?  Versachi?  How about a Rlex submariner for $116,000 (Hong Kong dollars)?  

I would toss in a few pictures but somehow I cannot access my photos on the iCloud right now.  Bummer.  


ShadowRun300 said...

I recently told one of our guests who was experiencing some serious travel woes to keep in mind that it will make a great story later. But boy can it cause some heartache while it's happening. (Especially if you're having to deal with it in the middle seat! ugh!)
Looking forward to seeing your Hong Kong pics. Is the heat there making you appreciate your Texas heat a little more? Or has the Texas heat prepared you for Hong Kong heat.

Abby said...

Hong Kong Phooey! Well, glad you finally made it and I hope you get in some time to be a tourist and not just an employee.

terri said...

Hong Kong? You're in Hong Kong? I've been away too long and need to get caught up here!