09 August 2013

The joys of travel

Gawd how I love to travel.

Up at the crack of early (even the chickens were still asleep), walked the dogs, finished up a report to my boss, took care of the three S's, kissed the wife good-bye, headed off to fight cross town traffic to get to the airport.  Being a paranoid person, I usually strive to hit the airport 2-3 hours ahead of flight time to avoid possible delays in check in.  Besides, you never know what the TSA lines will be like.

Made it to to the airport in plenty of time, breezed through the scanners.  Checked the departure board only find out our plane has been delayed an hour.  That leaves me with 3 hours to kill. Fortunately, I have a premier pass so I get to hang out in the United lounge. Free food, coffee, and WiFi.  

Now I wonder what this delay will mean to our 40 minute layover in Guam.


lotta joy said...

Poor Joe has trouble just getting me to ride up the street with him because I am scared to "travel".

You're a very lucky man that I didn't find you first.

RUN Agg! Save yourself!

Abby said...

Hmmm, could be an impromptu Guam mini vacation. What's to do in Guam?? I think brother Guano might be over on your side of the world. Tell him hi for me.

ShadowRun300 said...

Hurry up and wait. I do it ALL the time. Hopefully this will be the worst thing to happen during your travels. Looking forward to seeing pics! Be safe!

terri said...

Well, you can't shake a stick at free wi-fi! :-)