28 October 2012

Urban Market

Absolutely gorgeousness day.  Lite breeze, clear skies, temps hovering around the low 60s.  Really great day to ride the back roads on your two wheeler.  Makes me really long for that  Harley. 

Took the dogs to the Urban Market this morning.  2nd time we've done this gig and this one was a bit cooler.  Last time was back in May when it was hot and dry.  This one was a lot better.  Dogs loved the cooler weather and mild temps.  Just like last May, we have a booth at a local market where they sell antiques and art and old stuff.  Just like last time, the Urban Market is:   "The Urban Market Houston Antique Show is an Extraordinary Outdoor Antique Market held three times a year in Houston. A fabulous collection of dealers, designers, and shop owners with spectacular antiques, furniture, and home decor at unbelievable deals!"  Lots of interesting/old stuff to buy.  Our rescue group as been a regular fixture at this gig for a couple of years, promoting our group/service and educating people about what we do.  

As usual, the dogs were the hit of the market, with everyone just falling over them with all sorts of attention.  My two were naturals in this gig, with Claire being the attention hog.  

Great day, lots of fun, lots of attention given/gotten.  These dogs live for this kind of attention/affection.  


Rock Chef said...

Great photos - this sort of thing is great PR for dogs in general too. Giving small children (and their parents) the chance to meet dogs like Claire is wonderful.

meleah rebeccah said...



ShadowRun300 said...

Great pictures! The weather looks absolutely perfect - although a little cold for my Shadow. There's a guy around here who has a motorcycle with a side car for his dog. The dog wears goggles and looks like he's having a blast. Just a thought.... :)
Your dogs look like they are in heaven - I'm sure they loved all the attention. Their disposition is why we chose to adopt a golden - great with people and kids!

Abby said...

Wow, what a great day all around! I bet the dogs are wanting to go back already. From the photos, they made a lot of little kids' days!

terri said...

The Goldens all look as if they're smiling! They must have had a GREAT time!