14 October 2012

Dog Camp

Trying to get packed for my trip around the world.  Working through several projects, chores, running out of time for the trip. 

Internet has been down for a few days so I have had to resort to following everyone on my iPhone.  Backed up at the office again with a ton of projects, reports, testing, crisis.  Wound up staying late on Friday just to finish up my weekly report so I don't have to do it over the weekend (plus wasn't sure I could count on having the Internet at home).  

On the home front, I am juggling several tasks while getting ready for the long flight tomorrow.  Mowing the yard, taking care of the car/truck, paying bills, working on my trailer, taking a on line test for recertification, prepping for our upcoming vacation.

Yesterday I was up early and on the run most of the day.  Getting supplies for the trip, clothes for the vacation, dog pills/shots, etc.  I drove clear across town to check out a place where we will board the dogs for our vacation.  We would love to take the dogs with us for the trip, but logistically it is not possible.  I don't like to kennel the dogs - did it once long ago with Shadow and he wouldn't speak to us for two weeks after we got him back home.  With Grayson and Claire, I didn't really cater to the idea of having them caged in a compound, even if it was with the vet for a short duration, so I have been looking at options.  We could leave them home and have someone drop by to feed/walk/sit with them.  I have been looking at a service called DogVac (off of DogBook) where people will take in dogs to their homes.  Someone in our Golden group recommended this place north of town that is like a summer camp for dogs.  It is located an hour away north of town way out in the country.  This guy has a ranch where he boards mainly Golden Retrievers.  It has an acre fenced in with a pond and plenty of shade.  The guy and his helpers will live with the dogs 24/7 and they actually sleep inside one of the mobile homes on the property.  When we dropped by yesterday, there were 20 dogs already there (not all were his).  I don't know how he kept them all straight or even remembered all of their names, but he did.  A couple of times I lost my two dogs in the pack.  After the initial doggy introductions, everyone was best buds.  Goldens have a more even temperament and will get along with just about anyone.  Spent a good hour with the guy having him size up my two to see if they would be a fit with his pack (they did).  I have been taking my two to the dog park for so long now that they have learned how to behave with a pack of dogs.  I pretty much made up my mind that this would be the best deal for them while we were gone.     

Pack of trouble

Can you spot my two?

Hanging out on the deck
I think they will enjoy this much better than being cooped up all day at home or in a cage.  


ShadowRun300 said...

How wonderful! You must feel so much better about going on vacation now that you know the "kids" will be alright.
Have a safe, LONG, trip tomorrow! Hope there's internet where you are going so that you can keep us posted on your food intake. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh yes, that doggie camp place sounds MUCH better than having them in a Kennel or in a cage while your away traveling. And speaking of traveling, you're really taking a trip around the world??!!!

agg79 said...

SR300 - The kids really liked the place, but I am sure Claire will not be happy with me staying there. I'm taking my wife's iPad and hope to blog while on the road. Will post pictures of the sites as I can get access.

Mel - Yes, I am really headed halfway around the globe. But I'll still be only a few keystrokes away...

terri said...

Dogbook? Is there really such a thing?

I could spot Claire in the 2nd picture (I think in front of the white dog) but no idea which one is Grayson!

Dog camp seems like a great idea. When we had Shelby, our springer, she would go stay with Mark's parents when we were away. She loved it and I think she considered those stays to be her own doggy vacation!

Abby said...

It's so hard to leave when you're worried about your "babies" isn't it? The Doggie camp looks like a great choice. And it's nice knowing they'll have each other. I feel bad when we leave China.

Have a safe trip to the land of balut! I found out brother Guano has yet to take the plunge. He always used the strategy of "I'll do it if you do it", and no one ever took him up on it.