16 October 2012

Half a world away

Good morning, Campers!  Or is it evening?

After three flights, two airports several time zone changes, three first class meals plus snacks, oodles of wine, hot towels, and ice cream sundaes (yes, they serve sundaes after each meal in 1st class), we landed in Manila around 2100 last night.  26 hours after leaving the house, we were in a whole new land.  Lots of reading, got about 4-6 hours sleep on several flights (didn't want to sleep through the sundaes), caught up on a number NetFlix movies/shows(Dark Shadows, Amazing Spiderman, Moonrise Kingdom, the Magic of Belle Island, rock of Ages (1/2h), the Big Bang Theory).  got to look forward to Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter and Men in Black 3 on the return leg.  

Was late when we arrived and my iPhone battery was dead, so no pictures, yet.  Different voltage (240 volts), different electrical connections over here.  

As for my little test, I thought someone might have seen it before.  Especially if you have ever travelled in the south.  What you saw posed on our patio table was officially called:  Tillsndsia usenoides or as we call it down here:  Spanish Moss.  It is a moss that goes on trees in the south.  If you look at any pictures of New Orleans, it is all over the old plantation oaks.  Looks majestic but it does tend to choke out a lot leaves. 


meleah rebeccah said...

Yay!! I'm glad you arrived safe and sound! Have an AMAZING time, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

ShadowRun300 said...

Spanish Moss! Of course! (Never heard of it.) It looks similar to our day lilies after our bout with the drought.
Good to know that if I ever fly to Manila, I won't have to go without my nightly ice cream treat!
Sure hope your able to enjoy some free time while you're there. But first, get an adapter so you can charge that battery! We want pictures! :)

Rock Chef said...

Thanks for the update - have a great trip.

Hm, so I guess Dead is wrong?

Abby said...

Gee, those Spaniards grow a mean moss!

Glad that you've arrived all ice creamed and movied up, ready for action. Watch out for snakes!

terri said...

Glad your flights and arrival were a success! Looking forward to tales of adventures and photos.

Spanish Moss sounds like the equivalent of our Buckthorn.